About us

About us

EMR GROUP has been established in Istanbul,Turkey since 2014 ,Works with customers that belong to different industries in more than 20 countrie.With the ISO 9001-2008 Quality certificate it provides Material and Product Procurement to its customers with superior service standards and Optimum Prices, with the structure of “Just ask”.

EMRGRUP provides unique product ranges and unrivalled delivery services to meet all your needs from a single source. You can be assured that we will support your business by supplying the products you need at any time and any place.

Our Vision

Our vision as EMR GROUP is;
- To Satisfy our customers: We constantly try to understand our customers' needs and expectations better and try to make them happy to work with us.
- To make a difference in Corporate Material and the Product Procurement sector.
- To produce the most accurate solutions in international quality and standards.
- Innovation: In an environment where “zero error” is now accepted as the standard, we think that innovation is the most important factor that will determine continuous development and innovation.
- Sustainable Excellence: We strive to achieve and sustain excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission as EMR GROUP;
- To ensure the highest level of satisfaction from our customers and to establish secure business partnerships.
- To develop valuable projects with optimum costs with superior quality and standards.

Best regards EMR GRUP

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