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With EMR Group, you can easily handle your business without getting confused with supply...

What We Do?

EMR Group, which operates in the fields of Construction, Product Procurement and Transportation, serves with its experience in many fields..

Construction Materials, Electrical Materials, Mechanical Products, Hardware, Work Machinery, Medical Devices, Packaging Materials, Logistics Services, Food Products, Shoe Consumables, Agricultural Products and Tools, Health and Service Vehicles, VIP Vehicle Service, Promotional Products, Personal Care Products , Baby products...


100% Customer Satisfaction

Our customers' satisfaction is among our top priorities.

Quality and Reasonable Price

We provide you with the best market research and service quality with the pleasure of import.

Worldwide Shipping

As EMR Group, we deliver products to all parts of the world by land, air and sea.

Modern Vehicle Fleets

Better quality service with the understanding of "Stronger service with a powerful fleet of vehicles."