Almond Saplings

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27 February 2020
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12 February 2020

Origin California

Tree Properties Trees grow strong and widely. It blooms early when the winter conditions are moderate and it is affected by the cold that may occur later. It needs different pollinators.

Fruit Features Its fruits are very large, flat and round shaped, black and smoky. Yellow flesh is durable and split. Possibility to store in cold storage is long-term.

Pollinators Friar, Santa Rosa.

Origin France

Tree Properties The trees grow medium and wide, the fruit starts early. It is a fruitful variety.

Fruit Features The fruits are medium to large in size, the fruit peel is very hard, there internal efficiency is 35 - 40%, and the rate of double almond is around 1%. It is a late flowering variety. It can be planted in places where late spring frosts are seen.

Pollinators Ferraduel, Ferrastar.

Origin U.S.

Tree Properties The trees are flat, high, productive and early yield.

Fruit Features It is thin-skinned and bird damage is common. Fruits are medium in size. It is a temporary variety and is almond. The yield is low in the first years and an increase is seen in the following years depending on the plant development. It is difficult to maintain for a long time. Its internal efficiency is 58 - 63%. Double almond rate is 5-10%.

Pollinators Texas, N.P.Ultra.